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Slots Freeware Download

It's really hard to find good slots freeware on the Net today. We've searched high and low just for you and have identified a few slots freeware download options that we think you may like and find useful. Check the links and descriptions detailed below, and if there is software that you think would be good for us to list, please with the details.

Super slots from Slot-Game.Net
This small (less than 1 MB) EXE file is a standalone slot machine that you don't need to be connected to the Internet in order to play. We're offering here courtesy of Slot-Game.Net and it should be compatible with all Windows operating systems. Click here to download this slots freeware.

Bettors Luck Slots
This slots freeware download lets you practice and increase your skill level - or you could simply just try out the game for the first time without the usual anxiety associated with playing for real money at a casino. It's definitely not as fancy as an online casino's slots game but its 100% free, so have a few spins. Start with 500 free credits and see if you can top the day's highest score.

Patriot Slots
What would our American-Slots web site be without some patriotic fervor? This slots freeware download is a patriotic salute to a very American tradition - the slot machine. Duel with the one-armed bandit as you try to reel in the cash. Lampron Software developed this download and their suggested minimum system requirements are as follows: 8MB RAM, 2MB HD Space, SVGA Video, 80486DX CPU with Windows 95,NT and 98 as the suggested operating systems.

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