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Sim Slots

With graphics that are so amazingly real, smoothly animated reels and unbelievably lifelike slot machine sounds, Sim Slots have become the next best alternative to playing real slot machines in Vegas, Atlantic City, the Bahamas and other land-based casino hubs. "Sim slots" is basically the abbreviated name for "Simulated Slots". You can play sim slots for free, right here at American-Slots.Com, directly in your browser and without the need to download any software.

To play our free sim slots, simply click the graphic and follow the steps to sign up. It's all for free so once you've signed up, simply follow the link to the games. Our sim slots are part of a larger suite of fun casino games that also includes craps, blackjack and roulette. We offer three types of sim slots including the all-American Fabulous Sevens slot machine. Last but not least, our casino gaming suite comes with its own built in chat room so that you can chat with other players while you spin. You can even create your own private chat room(s) for you and your friends.

To play Sim Slots for real money, you should definitely try the slots at the Golden Casino. They offer a tremendous suite of sim slot machines including the ever-popular and unique Million Dollars Slot Machine and the Big Strike Progressive Jackpot. Have a spin or to at the Grand, you may turn out to be the lucky one that hits it big time.

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