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Slots 101 - Five Reel Slots

Over the past while, five reel slots have been popping up all over the Net in increasing numbers. These slots are actually similar to the Australian style slots commonly known as "Pokies" or "Pokie Machines".

While these multi-reel machines usually mean multiple pay lines for the slot machine gamer, it pays to be careful because the odds on 5 reel slots also favor the house a lot more than they favor the gambler. It's a fact that each added reel in a slot machine actually increases the odds against you by the millions. Thus, by playing the five reel slots instead of the typical three reel slots, although you may be enticed by the increased number of pay-lines and other fluff, your odds of a nice giant win are actually significantly reduced.

With that said, instead of basically handing over your bucks to the Casino by playing their five reel slots, how about you play the good ole' 3 reel slots that we've come to know and love. In fact, why not practice on American-Slots' own three reel (sorry, no five reel slots here) free slot machines. Click the image above to the right to do so right now. We've got three varieties for you to choose from, they're all fun and fast and they're all fully integrated in our in-browser software so you can quickly switch from one game to another, just as though you were on the casino floor in Vegas or Atlantic City.

Log on right now to try it out and have some reel fun! We'll give you 1,000 points to start you off, build on those and see how far you can take it. Have a chat with other slot machine fanatics while you're at it in the games' built in chat room, and if the slots start to bore you, try out the other games in our suite - craps, blackjack, video poker and roulette.

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