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Slots 101 - Electronic Slots

The conventional mechanical slot machines of old gave rise to electronic slots as we know them today. All modern electronic slot machines are controlled by a computer chip that's very similar to the one that might be in the computer that you are using to connect to the Internet and read this right now. Slot machines require a fairly sophisticated program to handle all of the functions and events that need to take place while a slot machine is being played. These programs are written and embedded on electronic slots' computer chip and act as the machine's detailed instructions.

Electronic slots typically have these components:
Algorithm - procedures and instructions that are written in the software program
Pay table - shows the various winning combinations
Reels - indicate the outcome of each spin
RNG (Random Number Generator) - another part of the software program. It generates random numbers that are used to determine the results of each spin

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You can also have a chat with other electronic slot fanatics while you're at it in the games' built in chat room, and if the slots start to bore you, try out the other games in our suite - craps, blackjack, video poker and roulette. We want you to have loads of endless fun so log on to try them out right now.

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